What is hosting?

Hosting is a service that provides computing resources for information placing, or, in other words, a site on a server that is constantly connected to the internet.

There are several types of hosting: virtual hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated server and colocation.

Virtual hosting is a type of placement in which several sites are located on the same web server. Virtual hosting is suitable for small projects with low attendance.
Although each site is in its section of the web server, they share the same software.

Virtual Dedicated Server is a server that has its own operating system, additional necessary software, but uses the shared hardware resources (CPU, RAM, disk space) of the physical server with other virtual servers. As a consequence, multiple virtual servers can be started on a single physical server.
Virtual Dedicated Server has its own dedicated IP address, ports, filter rules and so on. The advantages of virtual servers are a relatively low cost and the ability to flexibly configure the server software for the needs of the site administrator.

Dedicated server is a type of hosting, in which the site allocates all the hardware resources of the server. The entire physical unit is represented by its name - UNIT. Typically, this type of hosting is used for resource-intensive applications or projects that either have increased resource requirements, or cannot coexist with other projects on a single server.
The owner of this hosting gets full access to the server’s hardware and software, and can make changes to it without affecting any other projects or sites.

Colocation is a service for hosting physical servers and other equipment of customers in the territory of the data center. The customer independently selects and acquires the necessary equipment. The provider, the owner of the data center, connects this equipment to electricity, a cooling system, monitoring, providing an uninterrupted and high-speed connection to the internet.